Friday, May 29, 2009

Despite all the obvious dangers, infidelity is rife. There is word out there that other than being battered, many men, for ages, might be raising children that are fathered elsewhere. Likewise married men are fathering children outside of their marriage. There is a whole industry fueled by infidelity and Private investigators in Kenya are supposedly quietly making a killing.

We have watched Joey Greco on Cheaters and read with disbelief the story of one in several million Mia Washington who has twins fathered by different fathers. Closer home, Ciku Muiruri has busted cheats on radio with those - you have won a trip to Mombasa and who would you like to take with you - stories. Jimmy Gathu has warned about mpango wa kando on television albeit in a way more likely to embarrass parents and kids than drive the otherwise very solid message home.

There are recent disturbing statistics that more cases of new HIV infections worldwide are now being reported among married couples. The claims do not seem very far fetched. Marriage compromises the ability to negotiate for safe sex and rubbishes the A&C of HIV prevention. As such a person with a cheating spouse is just a sitting duck. Please note I’m not talking about every marriage. If you are, or will be happily married and fully settled, good for you. There are those characters who are still wandering around risking their wellbeing plus that of their spouses and kids. So much for telling young girls to abstain till they’re married.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kenny Who?

A visit to The Intelligensia took me back in the day when we literally grew up with Kenny Rogers in our living rooms. He was a household name and I doubt his songs will ever be forgotten. Thanks Intel for the good memories.

Unfortunately it seems like in matters anti-aging, the gambler rolled his dice and lost. The then hottest old guy got some botched surgery and destroyed his trademark warm looks. He was attempting to look younger. Kenny why? Whatever happened to aging gracefully? Even in his old age he was still one of the best looking men around. Apparently a young wife happened.

It’s actually sad to have dear old Kenny Rogers profiled in the same program as akina Lil Kim, Melanie Griffith and Michael Jackson for surgery gone wrong. Check them all out here.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Here's To Brotherhood In Space.

Think of an Astronaut. The picture in your head is someone super-fit, super-intelligent, and super-adventurous. All true. But now there’s something that wasn’t in the original job description: on missions, astronauts now drink recycled urine. Doesn’t sound particularly appetizing, does it? But there’s that element to most jobs. Think of what a surgeon, day care assistant, a dentist or a plumber has to deal with every day. In short, there’s no job that only has a glamorous side. That’s why it’s called a job and they pay you. If it were all fun and games you’d be paying them. Anyone for a trip to the moon?

If someone can build a space ship then I’ve no doubt a super duper purifier is small change. I’d have hoped that the Astronauts have individual recycling kits but no. It’s a water recycling device that will process the crew’s urine for communal consumption. Bonds don’t get any stronger than this. And the Astronauts need that. It must be lonely out there.

Listen to one of the engineers, ‘other than a faint taste of iodine, it is just as refreshing as any other kind of water’.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Of Horse Hair Wigged Judges And Dumb Law Suits.

We’ve heard about our judiciary mostly in the light of grand corruption and botched up radical surgeries but have you ever thought of the complete and utter comedy that the courtrooms must be at times?

Everyone has a right to seek legal redress on any issue that they deem provable but I can’t for the life of me imagine how the judges resist the temptation to smack someone in the face when they bring what can only be described as dumb lawsuits to court.

I sometimes wonder how our horse hair wigged friends manage to keep a straight face when listening to, and judging cases of full grown men accused of having carnal knowledge of hapless chickens and sheep. And such other bizarre cases.

Speaking of horse hair wigs, (insignificant piece of crap if you ask Kenya’s Dopest Chick), why oh why are our judges are still wearing costumes that carry with them years of ancient British traditions, customs and laws, some of which were dictated by extreme cold winters none of which we have here? I appreciate the temptation to have some sort of distinguishing regalia for the judges but can’t we have a more relevant hallmark for the bar? Does wearing a normal business suit or our Kenyan dress hinder then from delivering good judgment?

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Monday, May 11, 2009

God Bless Mums

Maua did a deep and touching tribute to her mum, effectively reminding us all why we should treat our mums right while they're still with us. Sometimes we take these awesome women for granted but we love then all the same.