Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sex Starvation For Good Governance

7 Day Sex Boycott.

Kenya’s seemingly hopeless situation has finally snaked it’s way into the bedrooms. But nothing seems to move Kenyans any more. Is sex starvation the magic bullet that will get all and sundry up and fighting for reforms? If it’ll magically sort out the current impasse, then go Ida! go Ida!

Look out for cranky old men and women in the course of the week. Cranky old men and women in addition to all the other problems we’re having. Hoping they won’t be too dazed with pent up sexual energy to discuss constitutions and all.

Can’t wait to see who will crack first.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cut Kilos And Save The Planet - The Plight Of The Polar Bear Depends On You.

I’ve come back from my holiday to some partly sad, partly annoying and partly hilarious headlines on the net.

Fatties cause Global Warming. And Fat People Blamed For Global Warning. So say the scientists. Reasons given are that fat people eat more, are likely to drive rather than walk, and some other amusing balderdash about them emitting more carbon dioxide. The said scientists have done the math, claiming that each fat person is responsible for emitting a tonne more of climate warming carbon dioxide per year than a thin one.

So these scientists can afford time off studying disappearing polar bears, melting polar ice caps, drying rivers, rising sea levels and such other serious issues to shine their high end microscopes on people’s weight? Junk science if you ask me. Leaves me wondering whether the whole global warming craze is not getting a little frivolous?

We cut down too many trees, strain our rivers, burn too much fuel, use up too much electricity, use plastic bags and still find a place for fat people in the whole environment degradation craze? And what about the food we throw away on a daily basis? If there is overproduction of food is it not due to food wastage as opposed to overeating? I’d rather look at obesity as a health problem and not environmental.

And in other news, you don’t have to be fat to partake of the environmental degradation cake. Even a simple google search has a definite environmental impact, generating about 0.02g of CO2 per second. Now throw in complex web pages, animations and videos. See? You can also be charged with crimes against the planet. By the way if you live in some countries you can sue the government for global warming. And you thought trees are good for the environment? Think again.

True the planet is in peril but the world seems to be getting a little over enthusiastic about the whole green business. Me? I’ll do my best to conserve the environment and then sit back and wait for the apocalypse. I will enjoy my Galitos chicken without calculating the evil carbon foot prints it has left on its way to my plate. The earth has heated up and cooled down for millions of years. Maybe these environmental changes were meant to be after all.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's not just Kenya

Blogger Solomonsydelle of Nigerian Curiosity says in the comment area of this post:

Politicians the world over have made a mockery of their constituents, but the travesty is nowhere more glaring than on our continent.

The tragedy is not that the main culprits continue to sit in office in the wake of damning revelations, but that they vie again and Kenyans elect them right back in the general elections’

Being that this is a symptom endemic on the continent, do you have any ideas on how to prevent this from happening? It is the same in Nigeria and it drives any person with the time to think absolutely crazy. Great post!

Solomon thanks. I hope other bloggers will help me look at this one. In a perfect world, the idea would be to keep current untainted members and elect other clean fresh ones to replace the old corrupt guard and have one happy family. But one can only vote in one constituency and cannot control whom other constituencies are voting in. And even then you may never completely know the character of a candidate until they get the jobs and taste power and money.

In my constituency for example, folks voted in one of their brightest sons. Young, clean and untainted as far as anyone could tell. But in the very first few weeks of his tenure, he was slapped with a US Visa ban for alleged involvement in illegal gang activities. So much for fresh leadership.

There was talk about recalling non-performing members but the way things stand now, the idea is almost laughable. Do we even have a body to supervise elections yet? I forget. As much as the Kenyan electorate is capable of high level co-operation, so far we have demonstrated it in voting in candidates. I doubt the same would come to play when it comes to firing individual MPs mid-term. I don’t know. In any case we still need the members to pass a clause such as this. Solutions are there. Problem is that implementation falls on the very scoundrels that are the course of our problems.

Otherwise politics aside it’s holiday time. Holiday travel is beckoning and I’ll be gone for a few days. Lots of folks have come down to the coast for their Easter holidays. Karibuni sana. Others like me are going upcountry for some cold, clean, crisp humidity free air. Happy holidays!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Is there an auction somewhere?

The Mau Complex
Embakasi Airport
Tana River Delta
Nairobi River Banks

Etc etc. And did we sell wild animals (some endangered) to the Thais at some point?

I think we can safely say Kenya is up for auction to the highest bidder from within and without. At this rate, some time to come we may not be allowed to fish in our own lakes or visit some areas, not because of tribal animosity but because we’ll be labeled trespassers in a foreign land.

The tragedy is not that the main culprits continue to sit in office in the wake of damning revelations, but that they vie again and Kenyans elect them right back in the general elections. The Mau crooks may very well use that same Mau as a campaign tool, pretending to be championing for the rights of the down trodden but in the real sense using them to protect their own. Whatever were they planning to do with Mau land, build sky scrapers? Ranches? Homes? What!!?