Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cut Kilos And Save The Planet - The Plight Of The Polar Bear Depends On You.

I’ve come back from my holiday to some partly sad, partly annoying and partly hilarious headlines on the net.

Fatties cause Global Warming. And Fat People Blamed For Global Warning. So say the scientists. Reasons given are that fat people eat more, are likely to drive rather than walk, and some other amusing balderdash about them emitting more carbon dioxide. The said scientists have done the math, claiming that each fat person is responsible for emitting a tonne more of climate warming carbon dioxide per year than a thin one.

So these scientists can afford time off studying disappearing polar bears, melting polar ice caps, drying rivers, rising sea levels and such other serious issues to shine their high end microscopes on people’s weight? Junk science if you ask me. Leaves me wondering whether the whole global warming craze is not getting a little frivolous?

We cut down too many trees, strain our rivers, burn too much fuel, use up too much electricity, use plastic bags and still find a place for fat people in the whole environment degradation craze? And what about the food we throw away on a daily basis? If there is overproduction of food is it not due to food wastage as opposed to overeating? I’d rather look at obesity as a health problem and not environmental.

And in other news, you don’t have to be fat to partake of the environmental degradation cake. Even a simple google search has a definite environmental impact, generating about 0.02g of CO2 per second. Now throw in complex web pages, animations and videos. See? You can also be charged with crimes against the planet. By the way if you live in some countries you can sue the government for global warming. And you thought trees are good for the environment? Think again.

True the planet is in peril but the world seems to be getting a little over enthusiastic about the whole green business. Me? I’ll do my best to conserve the environment and then sit back and wait for the apocalypse. I will enjoy my Galitos chicken without calculating the evil carbon foot prints it has left on its way to my plate. The earth has heated up and cooled down for millions of years. Maybe these environmental changes were meant to be after all.


Eunuch said...

Now you have inadvertently SPOILT your holiday. Behind every debate on obesity and health lies the counter problem of PAINFULLY THIN or EMBARISSINGLY BONNY. Which is your take?

That said, you are damn right on jink science. Academics are prone to SPIT HAIR and create confusion where clarity hitherto prevailed. WASHINDWE and WELCOME BACK-no JINK please.

Mama said...

Aiii Eunuch!! You have said Jink twice mpaka I was wondering what it is!

Fat people it seems are the cause of all our problems. I mean what other thing have they not been blamed for? Si extra seats on planes and buses, si vishuto, si nini!!

I am assuming these scientists were all thin and hence felt justified to conduct and publish this nonsensical studies?

Eunuch said...

No worries JINK is yet-unannounced tense of JUNK. Check your QWERTY keyboard, ama?

val said...

Woiyee....I wouldn't like to be fat and live in today's world...where are the communities that favour bigger-bodied people??

Hope you enjoyed your holiday Shiko..

UrXlnc said...

to add on to the JENK science

i suppose debating this topic also generates 0.00003g of CO2 and the fuming/angry chaps another 0.01g of CO2 so maybe we should sue shiko for contributing to global warming hehehehe

welcome back

hey Eunuch: too lost wassup with that

Peter Njenga said...

Blaming overweight people for some of the problems we now have is quite unfair.

Methinks we should instead focus our efforts in addressing more pressing issues...

Thank you for sharing this.

Darius Stone said...

Where there are fat people, there's a business opportunity.

Ryan Air, the king of no frills flights are taking no prisoners on this one and fat people are being charged the price of 2 seats on their flights...

As for the arguments about the environmental perils (whatever part of our lifestyle spoils it), I'm past this nonsense being shoved down my throat - and I've previously expressed this in my post about Environmental fascism in its element.

I'm not stupid and tree hugging merceneries shouldn't treet me like I'm stupid.

Shiko hope you had a great holiday...

Besides, I'll entertain fat people all day long before I entertain stupidity with the same gusto.

Our Kid said...

So now fattiness is out?

This Global Warming is a joke. And I am not even laughing.

Fat is phat. Always will be.

Shiko-Msa said...

Eunuch then what's the point of having these academics? They should be the experts in their fields and only the most sensible is expected of them. No wonder there are so many experts experts experts these days. Some of them must be getting their expertise from dispensers.

Mama I don't know about the scientists weights. But there is a rumour that of late Al Gore is getting a little too fat.

Val the definition of fat has since evolved from being health threatening overweight to weighing as little as 5kgs above your recommended weight. Recommended by the same scientists I might add. Heck they've even turned the otherwise innocent word 'fat' into a rude insensitive one.

urXlnc I stand accused. I don't thing I pollute the environment weight wise but that one for googling I'll plead guilty at first mention.

Stone Cold my holiday was great thanks. I traveled around a lot so although I don't contribute with weight, then i did so with all the fuel burned. Next time I'll carry some tree seedlings with me. Thanks for the link.

True Njenga there are so many other issues to be addressed. I'm all anti destruction but let them not turn environmental degradation into a circus.

Our Kid you're not laughing? Sorry to say I laughed myself to tears at the thought of this article I was almost unable to write. Something in this whole fat environment thing amused me so.

Darius Stone said...


I run out of folks to tag so I'm stuck with you. Instructions on how to fess up in here

BP 1 said...

The fact that the Earth is growing warmer needs no proof , but the assumption that the cause is primarily due to mankind(fat or skinny) polluting the environment is getting baseless.

Some scientist wonder how one can claim that global warming on Earth is largely caused by mankind when other planets (Mars, Jupiter and Pluto) with no confirmed life forms and certainly no man-made industrial greenhouse gas emissions also show signs of global warming. It is said the polar icecaps of Mars are receding at several miles a year, much faster than ours and that the moons of Saturn and Jupiter are melting, in fact several of their moons were ice and are now liquid seas.

They believe the major culprit of the earth's increasing temperature has less to do with man's habits and much more to do with gravity and the Earth getting closer to the Sun.They say changes in Earth's position and orbit over the next few centuries will cause it to move even closer to the Sun, causing our environment to warm up more.

Wouldn’t it make more sense that the sun is responsible for warming since it is the common denominator?

Shiko may be you are right “these environmental changes were meant to be after all” .

joyunspeakable said...

Science can prove 1+1=3 or 1. It is no longer 2...

with science you get logicalised local, empericalised stuff to prove everything about anything...

Shiko, you were on Holiday? Aki imagine a scientst can prove you wasted time and you did not relax after all

kachwanya said...

There a lot of discovery in the world that most scientists have nothing more to discover. So i think out of desperation and frustration they go out there and yeah come up with something(nothing). I feel for the fat people, they will probably soon cause the end of the world

Shiko-Msa said...

BP thanks for that interesting angle. I didn't know other planets were also experiencing these problems. Maybe there are little green people there who are also growing fat?

Joy the scientists must be thinking I didn't relax at all. Who comes from a relaxing holiday and starts ranting on day one?

Kachwanya someone said some of these scientists are not even qualified to clean test tubes. Lol.