Friday, April 3, 2009

Is there an auction somewhere?

The Mau Complex
Embakasi Airport
Tana River Delta
Nairobi River Banks

Etc etc. And did we sell wild animals (some endangered) to the Thais at some point?

I think we can safely say Kenya is up for auction to the highest bidder from within and without. At this rate, some time to come we may not be allowed to fish in our own lakes or visit some areas, not because of tribal animosity but because we’ll be labeled trespassers in a foreign land.

The tragedy is not that the main culprits continue to sit in office in the wake of damning revelations, but that they vie again and Kenyans elect them right back in the general elections. The Mau crooks may very well use that same Mau as a campaign tool, pretending to be championing for the rights of the down trodden but in the real sense using them to protect their own. Whatever were they planning to do with Mau land, build sky scrapers? Ranches? Homes? What!!?


Shiko-Msa said...
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Anonymous said...

Simple political arithmetic, allocate yourself land. Invite a few poor people who have no idea what's going on to live on your 100acres. They fight to defend it tooth and nail. 15yrs later, when no one is talking of forest anymore, the place is now a town, drive out the poor "mechanics", show them the title deed-LR number. It's not your business to give them land, this is private property, let the government of that day find a solution.
The game continues, the rich design ways of being richer.

Anonymous said...

Opps!!!! Shiko. Those auctions are old news add to your list the newest. Rumors have it that the Eastleigh military Air base is gone now, sold off to a politically connected “highest bidder”.
Kenya was always for sale to the highest bidder, unfortunately those who can afford are mostly foreigners.

joyunspeakable said...

annoying to say in the least...

tell me i the only one not sniffing opportunities or am i blind or is it that am damn stupid or or or...

ahhh(getting enlghtened) Mr Politician might work wonders... do you know him? introduce me to him

Mwistar said...

Before, it used to be ati ... the neighbour in shagz moved the fence kidogo to encroach on land. Haiya, it could be that even Migingo Island was sold to somebody in UG!

Mama Shujaa said...


You are on the money with this discussion. We all need to zip up our boots.

Mama Shujaa said...

Please stop by my place and pick up an award.

Mama Shujaa

Mama said...


Didn't you hear some idiot saying President Moi 'alihalalisha Mau forest' ati it is an attempt to attack people who were close to the former president.

Am sure all these auctions zilihalalishwa stop complaining my dear and join the game!!

Mimi nimehalalisha Indian Ocean, Tsavo West National Park, Maasai Mara, Mount Kenya and whatever else they have not sold YET.

Sale to the highest bidder on as is, where is basis... please send your tenders to:

Mama Maisha
P.O. Box 12345-00100

Sayra said...

Shiko wakeup and smell the coffee gal ... wazubaa nii?

Since I could not beat/crush/kill/sue and whatever else is there to do i decided to join them. I have in my possession 25% of nairobi estates ... just a matter of time b4 you see it in the press that land rates will be paid to ME and not the city council.

'Negotiations' are underway to purchase Narok District coz of Masai Mara and a few others that i will not name in Rift Valley - don't want my competitors to spoil the game for me - will give the details later when the deal is sealed.

Advice - eat while you can ... no one will follow you when you get the money.

BP 1 said...

It's very unfortunate, the whole country is at the mercy of thieves masquerading as Leaders. it seems they Will Stop at nothing.

I thought this madness of grabbing public land could stop with the departure of Moi. lakini wapi!!!!

BTW what happen to Operation Firimbi, the anti-land grabbing Campaign, si they were doing good job those days.

Eunuch said...

I am selling my OLD MONESTERY and relocating. Anyone of you interested? Bargains available and you better make it fast before Migongo fence is extended to Naivasha.

Mama said...

Hehehehehehe! Sayra and Eunuch, I see hata nyinyi mumeingia class ya 'if you cannot beat them, join them'.

That is the way this game is played it seems, these people are joking!

BP am sure operation firimbi also joined the game, don't you remember even ODM those days used to see the ills of the government? Now they don't see it anymore.....

Shiko-Msa said...

Lol what a laugh on Monday morning. It seems corruption has come full circle and is now a laughing matter. Strange the things that are up for grabs!

Military Airbase - Anon so much for the sovereignty they keep yapping about.

Migigo - Mwistar i smell a rat too
in the whole Migigo fiasco. Something's cooking. BTW someone said we need a war to snap us out of our current stupor. Maybe Kenya/Uganda are spoiling for one. Not that i wish for one though. And karibu sana.

Indian Ocean, Tsavo West, Masai Mara, Mount Kenya - Mama you might want to go easy on Mount Kenya. It has already been sold to large scale Marijuana growers.

Sayra girl a whole district? The estates you'll have to share with Mungiki and were they kamjesh ama bagdad boys?

BP operation Firimbi went where they all go. They eat and then shut up. Maybe. Or got frustrated coz they shout and nothing gets done.

Eunuch even Monasteries! And Naivasha?

11.29 perfect math.

Joy it seems we're the only ones who are left behind. Watu wako macho.

Mama Shujaa an award - blush blush. I'm coming right over to collect it. Thanks.

Mountainous said...

While we are at it why don't we just sell Baks and they whole Grand Coalition mess! I'm sure some outpost like Afghanistan might need them more than us.
Nothing wrong in making a little money off Migingo by selling it to the Ugandan's although selling it to Libya for a satellite base would have been much better (LOL!)

UrXlnc said...

hehehe very funny guys

luckily am not like any of you greedy lot, i have dignity and pride

am only just selling all the oxygen in kenya since this does not belong to any of you, sio mbuzi ya nani.

right now the price is low but once it hits the NSE shauri yenu

Shiko-Msa said...

Kirima God knows that would be a good way to get rid of the lot without murdering every single one of them.

UrXlnc trust me if they could find a way to scoop air and sell it to us they would.


Politicians the world over have made a mockery of their constituents, but the travesty is nowhere more glaring than on our continent.

The tragedy is not that the main culprits continue to sit in office in the wake of damning revelations, but that they vie again and Kenyans elect them right back in the general elections

Being that this is a symptom endemic on the continent, do you have any ideas on how to prevent this from happening? It is the same in Nigeria and it drives any person with the time to think absolutely crazy. Great post!