Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Things To Do Before Age 50.

25-50 of things to do before you hit 50. Adopted from True Love Magazine

  • Pick a dance and learn it reasonably well to not step on other people’s toes.

  • Go white water rafting.

  • Ride in a hot air balloon and finally understand what a bird’s eye view means.

  • Climb a mountain. It renders pedicures and manicures luxuries.

  • Be there for the next wildebeest migration and show some love for our very own wonder of the world.

  • Go on a cruise the next time you’re off duty. Shake up your routine.

  • Consolidate all your assets and count how many pennies you need to earn before you turn millionaire. Then start making phone calls to move financial mountains.

  • Find the love of your life. Could be a man, a baby, a car, a career or a hobby. Just make sure you love it back.

  • Take off to the next location where an international event you love is unfolding. A fashion week, Wimbledon, Olympics, world cup, something. Anything.

  • Draw your family tree. No one wants to marry their (albeit hot) cousin.

  • Learn the basics of car maintenance. The men in your life will be eternally grateful.

  • Take a self defense class.

  • Puncture an efficient hole in your wall with a power drill and hand up your stuff by yourself.

  • Forgive yourself. It may be your own fault that you attracted all those deadbeats, but self flogging only makes you miserable for the rest of your love life.

  • Forgive them. It works both ways.

  • A woman needs a place where she can recover her sanity. Find one and let the healing begin.

  • Make a list of books to read, places to travel to, movies to watch and people to meet and then get cracking.

  • Be a radio presenter for 15 minutes. There’s so much to say in so little time.

  • Have your portrait done. Hire the best photographer or artist you can think of. Take a look at yourself through another person’s eyes.

  • Stroke a kitten and hear it purr.

  • There is a sexual adventure playing in your mind. Explore it. Safely.

  • Trust your intuition. If she says don’t, then don’t.

  • Find God. And keep him.


Eunuch said...

Yaani umeamua to list all. Well accomplishing any of these wishes is premised on having acess to DISPOSABLE income which is a rare thing this side of our shores. But nonetheless worth trying.

The trivial and the most important wish would as well be what you hid in the middle of your list.....
....Find the love of your life. Could be a man, a baby, a car, a career or a hobby. Just make sure you love it back.

The best new year resolution is best rolled in the 10 words: IF IT HAS TO BE, THEN IT HAS TO BE ME.

31337 said...

hmmmmmmmm.. most of these not done... note to self...check.

i have a humble list on my blog someplace. unfortunately lots have to do with vehicles of sorts. mostly.

Rafiki said...

Again, I did 16 out of 25 for this part. No need to guess which ones.

Anonymous said...

am off to explore my sexual adventure.

Shiko-Msa said...

Eunuch that's a most beautiful statement: IF IT HAS TO BE THEN IT HAS TO BE ME. Wow! thats my new mantra.

Rafiki you're too fast! Intelligensia you have some homework.

Neema have fun. It wasn't me. And be safe.

Our Kid said...

Shiko relax.

Nubian Queen said...

soemthing to do while this winter passes by!!,,,,where are those handcuffs!!lol

Anonymous said...

These are things you can do AFTER age 50!
Age bias by young people sucks!