Friday, January 23, 2009

50 Things To Do Before You Turn 50

Forget new year resolutions. Grab life with both hands and start working on a life long list now.

Article adopted from True Love Magazine – December 2008 Edition.

  • Chop off all your hair at least once in your life. Women have a morbid fear of hair loss. Once you face it, it stops haunting you.

  • Fly a kite. Your full grown self meets the 5 year old who lurks within.

  • Take up a 3 day water fast. Guaranteed to sort out your bloated tummy and will work wonders for your skin.

  • Drive yourself to the coast, book a hotel and relax. Alternatively plan a pilgrimage.

  • Write yourself a letter to be opened 10 years from now. Attach a picture. Include a joke you think is funny, how much you weigh and what your hair looks like.

  • Go scuba diving, be it in the Indian Ocean with the lovely fish or a swimming pool. It offers an entirely new, cooler perspective on creation and the price air.

  • Go skinny dipping. Your body is meant to be enjoyed.

  • Drink an entire bottle of wine and purge it out of your system. You know you’ve always wanted to.

  • Get an inside out, no holds barred physical exam and acquire a taste for second opinions.

  • Book yourself into a spa for a weekend, switch off your phone and tell only one person where you went.

  • Milk a goat or cow you urbanite.

  • Slaughter, cook and feast on a bird without help.

  • Use your passport regularly.

  • That one thing that has always terrified you, do it.

  • Find a signature style that is so you that the moment you walk into a clothing shop the attendants jump to bring you exactly what they think you want.

  • Every woman must have a specialty dish she can rustle up for guests at a moments notice. Find yours and perfect it.

  • Are you single and childless? Borrow a 3 year old for a day.

  • Get up on that Karaoke and sing.

  • Go bungee jumping.

  • Go to a local football match at the stadium.

  • Run at least one Stanchart marathon or take part in the Freedom from Hunger walk.

  • Watch the sunset somewhere hundreds of miles away from home, preferably over the pyramids.

  • Watch your single most hated sport from start to finish.

  • Learn Chinese. Over a billion people speak it and they’re bound to be the next super power anyway.

  • Learn to play an instrument that appeals to you. If anything, it reactivates degenerative brain cells.

To be continued ….....…..


Girl In the Meadow said...

Well i have done a stanchart marathon..

I should prolly try the bungee jumping

Screamer said...

You know, I guess I can die now cuz I've tried most of those things if not done them.

I'm going to come with my own list of things to do before you die and post in my young blog.

Screamer said...

And I'm not yet 30!

31337 said...

this is called bucket list yes?

i find that i have done quite a number of the above and i shall endeavour to do the bits that i have not done, could you spare your spare room for a few days? i could drop by...

Shiko-Msa said...

Girl in the meadow I think I'll try milking a goat. May be fun. And bunjee too is in the list.

Screamer, intelligentsia slow down already. The grim reaper might misunderstand you and come for you a bit too early! There’s still 26-50 of the list which I’ll be posting on Monday.

Intelligensia kwani haujalipa rent? and BTW the Faust Chronicle wont open. What's up?

Mountainous said...

I am NOT milking a cow!
Sunset @ the pryamids sounds like a plan will have to dust the passport

Shiko-Msa said...

Mountainous I thought you'd lead us in the milking! Seeing that you're from the mountains. Speaking of milking, did you see the standard today?

Who was the first person to look at a cow's udders and say 'I'll squeeze those danglings and drink whatever comes out of them?

Who was the first person to look at a chicken laying and say I'll eat whatever comes out of its .......

Pink said...

I've cut my hair and I totally agree, have milked cows and goats(not urbanite), have borrowed a 3 year old for several days. All the rest, I'm yet to do.

Anonymous said...

i've chopped off all my hair once in my life, so i guess i dont have that fear any more. somebody say superwoman, anybody?? hahahaha.

Mama said...

I need to milk a cow, learn Chinese, learn to play an instrument and run the Stanchart marathon. I think I can try those. Skinny dipping and scuba diving hapana....I don't swim!

Mama said...

And of course bungee jumping is out! I am not that adventurous.

Rafiki said...

Interesting! I have done 18 out of these 25... up to you to guess which ones.

bomseh said...

This list is funny. I can consider that writing a letter and opening it 10 years from now. I'd love to see the expression on self then. Very interesting that one. Actually I am considering it right now.

Not a chance though with bungee jumping.

Shiko-Msa said...

Superwoman I've cut all my hair too at some point. Remember when primary schools never used to allow long hair? That was the time. But present day I would have to think thrice about it. Not that I have long hair, it's short but cutting all of it no way.

Pink I’m no urbanite as such but somehow I never got round to milking. Dunno how come coz the cows and goats were always just there. 3 year old I borrow one every other weekend. or rather I’m given.

Mama you need to add to your list – LEARN TO SWIM. Scuba I’d love to. skinny in the right circumstances I would. Bungee is the next challenge. Karaoke not a chance.

Rafiki slow down. The bucket list is to be distributed throughout life. Anyway 25 more coming. And I've a feeling you've gone to Sagana and done Bungee. Please tell me you’ve not done Karaoke? please?

Bomseh I’m sure you’ve written the letter by now. That one is guaranteed to give you a good laugh when time to open it comes. That one is easy enough I think I can do it even today.

Eunuch said...

Did you say CHOP HAIR and SCUBA DIVE? Well, I pray that you never meant chopping ALL HAIR FROM ALL QUARTERS and with diving, I rather not go any further.

And you have the termerity to suggest inviting an extra mouth to feed for aday in this time of ukame? Maybe you are among the few lucky Kenyans with access tocheap unga.

If you have to try milking a cow please ensure the legs are secured lest you find yourself SINKING INSIDE THE SAND, ole wako.

Rafiki said...

Shiko, I am sorry to tell you that I have actually done karaoke, but to my defense, it was not in Kenya, but in Asia. And no, I have not done bungee and it is not even on my list for the time being.

The milking the cow one should include drinking the fresh milk straight after milking.

Shiko-Msa said...

Gosh Karaoke in Gujarati or something?