Thursday, July 16, 2009

This Wont Hurt A bit

There was this talk earlier in the week of female nurses being authorized to administer the cut to men.

There are those who are looking at it as any other medical procedure, much like male gynecologists treating women, and as long as it’s delivered with utmost professionalism, they have no problem with it. But in some cultures, and to a large extent in the common order of things, it is taboo for a woman who is not a wife (no mention of mpango wa kando) to see a man’s privates.

I’d be the least qualified to opine on who should deliver the cut. Not to take lightly people’s cultures and the strong beliefs that surround circumcision though, me thinks a little professional TLC from a nurse of whatever sex is not a very bad idea. I tried to ask a few questions around the office but quickly gave up when I realized that many minds live permanently in the gutter.

I guess in the end it will boil down to cultural influences and personal choice. Such a thing cannot be forced on anyone. And before I’m done doing this article now I see that we can make babies without men! That’s an article for another day.

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willpress said...

Heh, this is very coincidental but two weeks ago in the mat, these two really big matronly nurses sat on either side of me (read squashed) and they went on and on rather excitedly about how they were administering the cut to some boys as part of sijui which project. And they were LOUD!!! We had to sit there listening to them going on and on...everybody in the vehicle was reallly uncomfortable. Don't know if that reflects society in general. They were also talking about performing male vasectomy and the details were very GORY!!! Never have I felt such a threat to the family jewels at close quarters since my last rugby match. Some things should just be kept on the low low...

odegle said...

I read somewhere that in other cultures, male gynos are only allowed to operate on their patients using a mirror! they must not look directly.

joyunspeakable said...

Okay am waiting 4 your post on the plastic babies, coming soon

Tamaku said...


Hayo mambo hatutaki! It's against tradition.

Mama Shujaa said...

Shiko, ati taboo for a woman who is not his wife to see his privates? Interesting.. And as for not looking directly at it as Odegle commented; I agree with you, it's all about being professional.

Darius Stone said...

What is this about having a gyno do his business using a mirror....that's just stupid. If the woman is already spreadeagle how does a mirror help with modesty. Some folks should just grow up.

I dont know what the big deal is - a professional is a professional whether male or female and I don't see what the big deal is so long as they do their job. I've had my family jewels (as so eloquently called here) handled by a female professional and my wife's gyno is male - life goes on. Cultural nonsense is used as an excuse for not growing up.

As for this artificial sperm nonsense - those scientists Washindwe! I wrote about it last week and I'm recruiting members for the preservation of the male society as we know it...LOL! I even have women recruits who are not willing under any circumstances to give up the good ole fashioned method of procreation.

Come join me at the pickett line as we burn our underwear and boxers outside Newcastle university in protest for the preservation of the o'natural.

Our Kid said...

Hey, now I hope this female nurses idea catches on. Nothing beats having a female nurse touch your member and make you cough before you are chopped.


Maua said...

Male gynaes, si that's like having a car that one never drives? Same thing with a mama nurse going down Stones' family jewels.

Shiko-Msa said...

Willpress and they just had to discuss their gory details in a mat! They're prolly just show offs. Surely they have all the time at work or in the privacy of their homes. I see soccer players shielding their family jewels. I guess in rugby there is no such luxury?

Odegle mirrors lie. They flip the subject image no? Depending on what the surgery entails, Lord help the candidates.

Joyunspeakable the plastic babies. The sperm will be perfected in 2015. Meantime we still get down to the good old method.

Tamaku I'm sure respect for tradition will be factored if this project takes off.

Mama Shujaa lotsa people outside the medical world are looking at it from a sexual/cultural point of view while the ministry is looking at it from a professional point of view. Nurses and doctors already have seen enough stuff so they must be thinking wait, 'it's just a member'.

Stone cold count me in. Venue?
Date? Time? I'm all for natural conception. The o'natural ensures conception and other benefits which I doubt science can mimic. Plus I'm not looking forward to a whole new generation of Simones. I don't think birth defects can be ruled out so look out for some little green people living among us in the next few years.

Maua off topic kidogo. They jailed that guy for 14 months. Seems like a little slap.

Our Kid unfortunately the opportunity comes just once. You can't keep going back to the river now can you? And have you been reading the perfumed gardens? Where else do they refer to the male anatomy as a member? Member? what member?

BP 1 said...

The issue right here has nothing to do with tradition. The cut now is more of a medical necessity than a traditional one, some of these taboos people are talking about are mare outdated beliefs which hold no water anymore , for instance in some traditions, am told, when boys are cut they are advised not to show their private parts to any woman young or old even their mums otherwise the wound won’t heal quickly…just imagine where a mother is denied by her own 8 yr old child to see how far the wound is healing just because the traditional doctor prescribed so ..that is not fair I guess.

NiKolaS said...

can i just say a no thanks? the idea in itself, trauma. every time an erstwhile young lady will cup my device in her hand i shall be reminded of said cut? someone say erectile disfunction.