Thursday, March 5, 2009

Into The Dark World

I have a curious fascination for world cultures and today I'm all Goth. I recently came across an interesting article in the Mail Online site that sent my curiosity into the dark Gothic world. I've seen Goths in movies and other programs but never really taken a keen look at their fascinating lifestyle. The mailonline article is simple. Boy loves girl and he moves around with her on a lead, like you would a pet dog. Girl is a self confessed human pet and is comfortable with the circumstances. It's the discrimination that irks them.

Goths have mostly received a bad rap. When people think Goth, they think black, evil, blood and horror. They're a stereotyped lot often perceived to be witches, devil worshipers and vampires though that's not always the case. Like in every other culture and religion, there are always rotten apples that give them a bad name.

I doubt there are any Goths in these parts of the world. Unless we count that black nail polish that was all the rave some time back. But in the unlikely even that you bump into one in the streets, know the following:

They're not to be feared. Beneath the black clothing, jet black hair, black eyeliner, black nail polish, black lipstick and whatever else they wear, they're normal people like you and me. They actually nice and intelligent people capable of happiness like everybody else. They just prefer living on the darker side of life. In any case they don't always wear black. They're not schizophrenics. They don't suck people's blood. They're not always satanists. A Goth can be from any religion. Some, like this writer are Christians.

And in unrelated, repeat unrelated stories fashion critics have bashed Michelle for wearing a sleeveless dress to a formal occasion.


SG said...

That gal is very pretty!!

BP 1 said...

It’s a weird world.

Eunuch said...

What is all this fear about BLACK? Come to think of it, the fear may mean more that we are made to believe. But again thank God they don't have to PAINT other places black for they naturally are. I just hope the guys doesn't ABUSE the pet and she sleeps in her clothes and alone.

Mama Shujaa said...

Interestingly, in the U.S., specifically New York City (the Village), the numbers of Goths has gone down radically, in my observation.

Groups like The Ramones who popularized the movement back in the 1970s, are no longer mainstream...

I see it as a form of rebellion, almost a cult. It simplifies life for its members, not too much shopping involved. And as most things in life, young people grow up and find other things, other escape routes...As for Ozzie Osborne? :-)

Definitely not what it used to be here in the U.S. I see more body-piercings, these days.

Did you hear about the big war in Mexico between young Goths and another group?

Empower Kenya said...

Attending junior-high and high school in a small town in Boston; I witnessed a goth movement among some of my friends. To them it was just a way of expressing themselves differently just like I chose to get dreads and imitate Rastafarians.
It is simply an expression of identity which I support and do not see anything wrong with it.
It is the misunderstanding that causes people to fear and that is why I am always thankful that I can be able to research any issue and attempt to understand instead of blind prejudice.

joyunspeakable said...

I agree with SG. That gal is so pretty....that dude looks so jealous

Shiko-Msa said...

Greamz you see? they normal beautiful people!

BP the whole pet on a lead thing is a bit weird right.

Eunuch they're over 18 I think?

Mama Shujaa the Ozzies are a gone case. Whatever could infect a whole family! I just started reading on them jana. Never came across the fighting in Mexico but I'll check it out.

Empower Kenya it's always better to read up on different groups instead of stereotyping.

Eunuch said...

Over 18 is merely legal age (a numebr) but essentially a toddler.

Anonymous said...

I get Goths.I totally understand them,they are normal people and I have dealt with a fair share of them.Thing is though, I dont like the whole Goth ideal. It's just not a good look for some people.

31337 said...

i wonder how i would look as a goth.

pinkm said...

Will these fashion 'gurus'leave my girl alone already? The Obamas will never fit any of their stuffy stereotypes, so they need to get over themselves already. (I have been ranting about this all over the webspace, seems I'm not done).

I think goths are cool. All dark and nice. If I could, I'd have been goth in high school.