Thursday, October 9, 2008

Doomsday Guesswork

We hear doomsday warnings and predictions every once in a while. According to one Mr. Charles Mwangi Gichichio, a Kenyan lawyer-cum-prophet, the world as we know it will end on July, 18th 2010. This message was communicated to him by God on 9th December 2006. He has since embarked on a mission to spread the doomsday warning using different methods, the most noticeable being wearing a sack cloth with the message ‘Jesus is coming back on July 18th 2010’ printed boldly at the front.

Gichichio’s prophesy however does not seem to generate as much interest as was generated by the House of Yahwe group whose world was supposed to end in a hail of nuclear warfare on September, 12th 2006. There are many other predictions by murderous doomsday cults, some of which have ended with massive loss of lives. Few people can forget the mass suicide in Uganda of over 200 members of The Movement Of The Restoration Of The Ten Commandments who set themselves on fire after hours of singing and chanting. Also with the vast possibilities that the Internet brings along, now there are sites teaching distressed kids how to commit suicide.

Times Online has a chronology of Armageddon predictions dating as far back as 1st Century AD to as recently as this year. Despite their varied beliefs, the common thread running through them all is that they never quite come true. The world is still around. Nobody knows for sure but chances are July 18 the world will wake up and go about their businesses as usual – including Charles Mwangi Gichichio. He’ll probably give a few excuses and a new end of the world date before moving on with life. In the end it all seems like a guessing game.

From The Past: Of Holy Noise And Kenyan Churches


31337 said...

the world has gone to pot, that it has.

i would add a message to that sack of his "...look busy!" hehehe!

off to check out that suicide site...

Shiko said...

haha Intelligensia don't say I sent you to the suicide site. I'm not even giving the link hehehe.

Even them they give a stern warning before you can enter the site. These pages deal with serious topics of a mature nature. Some users may find the content morally or ethically unpleasant. If you think you are one of these people, do not proceed further.

So be warned!

Peekay said...

the bible says no one knows the day. our concern should be whether we are doing the right things as we go about life. Remember Jesus saying that at the end he will tell us; I was sick...., I was hungry..., I was in prison...

Taabu said...

Thereyou go again with REVERSE sermon to complement the previous kesha. You better get a bible, cram some few long winded verses and train in FOAMING at the mouth and speaking in GREEK than all notes and coins are yours. Leave the venue to me, I will secure a strategic one.

That said RELIGION is many thing to different people. DOGMA leaves you very insecure and preachers smell their emotional and spiritual preys miles away. PREYING into your insecuriy is their forte, all else are gimmicks or better still means to the end, be warned.

midnitepreacher said...

When it comes to doomsday predictions or its occurrence, I just can’t understand some people, it seems they didn’t get the concept of doomsday and the massage it carries.

I believe there will be a doomsday soon or later ,The Quran , the new and the old testament are clear about it. The date, the time and the hour of the doomsday is best known to God the creator and it’s No man's business to predict its occurrence.

In actual sense every one of us knows very well he\she will die one day soon or later, but no one bothers to predict it. Isn’t the day he or she will die more important to him or her than doomsday? Then why should one worry about the death or the destruction of the whole world in a future date?

From a religious point of view, what really matters is not the doomsday itself or death as such but the judgment day that follows it. That day when every and each person will account for his deeds good or bad, small or big. The good ones are rewarded and the bad ones are punished.

I ask Charles Mwangi Gichichio and his ilk how prepared are they for the judgment day? I am sure there will be many questions to be answered.

Anonymous said...

why do they like predicting these things when its a very important year of my graduating July '10 for God's sake!!!

Maua said...

The bible says that 'and the good news of the kingdom will be given through all the world for a witness to all nations; and then the end will come', so tell that guy, unless he's prepared to reach everyone in the world by then, forget it. Plus I have so much to do, I'm so behind, and I'm not prepared for that day, yet.

I'm blocking that suicide site incase my son stumbles there on a bad day.

Maua said...

The ref: came from the Gospel according to St Matthew 24:11.

joyunspeakable said...

Its funny and I'd agree. people should think really about their last day(personal) and if they are accomplishing their mission on earth.

I think some people act more from guilt and love for controlling other people.

from today live like today is your last day but work like you're living forever.

Taabu said...

I told you so. You have left Kenyans WAXING RELIGIOUS. No wonder the only thrieving industry in Kenya is kanina na siasa. Ole wetu.

PS: Neema, don't get distracted there is nothing like human predicted doomsday. You sweat you head off for the good future-whatever the graduations-academic or otherwise.

Half n Half said...

Ati 18th July 2010? PHEW at least the world cup will be over.... LOOL

And yes am still under that rock and its getting warmer, I can see more bodies have joined me but you my dear, are not werrokamu! Blog

Shiko-Msa said...

Peekay, Midnight Preacher, Maua indeed nobody knows the day or the hour. Midnight you're spot on about the Judgment day.

Maua don't worry about the suicide link I've not given it here. The link here leads to a story about it but not the link itself and even they don't give the link. I did get to the website itself somehow and it's weird even reading. I can’t promote it on my blog! Your boy I’m sure is a strong lad upstairs and emotionally usijali.

Indeed Joy people should be more concerned about their own deeds and personal end and leave God's work to him.

Neema don't worry. I doubt the world will end before you taste the fruits of your labour. You shall graduate alright and then you shall get a job and move on with life. But gal don't quote me hehehe. Congrats in advance for your upcoming graduation. All the best.

Nusumbili I'm glad I've smoked you out of under the rock. Keep popping your head out once in a while. World cup we shall watch but fortunately or unfortunately no elections for us.

Taabu I'm sure you're talking about the story in today's nation. They say that starting a church is the latest easy way to make money. Ati one pastor in Eldoret told his congregants that the least denomination of cash he would accept is a 50 bob note. Another one in Kachmega was asking members to bring their pay slips to church! Then he can tell them what he expects of them. Ole wetu kweli.

SisBigBones said...

Just this weekend, I met a Kenyan brotha that must have been sniffing something. He was talking about how he has this power to see spirits and how God talks to him and ish like that. I better watch him, else he becomes the next doomsday prophet

Shiko-Msa said...

Watch that one Sis. Soon the spirits will tell him something we all dont know.

And welcome back to blogosphere after a loooooong hiatus. You must be super refreshed and ready to blog. Karibu.