Thursday, September 25, 2008

Power Bills Up Again!!

Like most other Kenyans, I was shocked by last month’s power bill. It was Kshs.3,400/- up from 1,920/- the previous month. I did not imagine things would get any worse but this month I got another shocker bill of Kshs.4,200/- By some bad coincidence, at around the time I got my bill, we had blackouts for two days in a row. I was beginning to think the bad old days of Power Rationing are back but thankfully things are now back to normal.

Earlier on, Rafiki Kenya and Bankelele did articles on the spiraling bills, with Rafiki giving tips on how we can cut them by half. Check them out and see if you can find some helpful ones. I was thinking we pack up our bags and go back to the village but he reminded me that that would mean using firewood and charcoal for cooking – a sure way to finishing off our already disappearing forests.

There is word that these charges will come down although I don’t see that happening. At least not down to the amounts we once knew. But if Kenya Power insists on charging such figures, then at least let them perfect their services so consumers don’t feel like they’re being short changed.


eleet said...

i hear you. mine went up from a steady 1200 to 3800. i am afraid to even check my new one that shall be available from 26th of this month.

Shiko-Msa said...

eish Eleet that's quite a jump! 26th is only tomorrow Lol.

akiey said...

The power bill hike is unjustified and criminal to say the least.

But, while many Kenyans wonder out loud why US citizens are doing nothing about losing their homes, I too can't help wondering what us Kenyans at home and abroad are doing nothing while the power company keeps dipping their hands in our pockets!?

And we still tall, talk & as always talk some more about industrializing by some 2030. Don't see it happening.

Shiko-Msa said...

Akiey 2030? At this rate we should be talking about 2010. Manufacturers will shut down and investors will have packed their bags. What will happen even if the government goes ahead with their constructions and other plans for 2030 is that they'll be doing it for poor citizens many of whom can barely put food on their tables. A poor and hungry people in a country of beautiful roads and lanes dedicated for the president and his ministers.

Engineer Kaburu Mwirichia of Energy Regulatory Commission has just promised on NTV ‘On the spot’ that we should expect to see lower bills next month. But the guy cannot bring himself to say that there is a crisis, opting instead to call it a problem.

Someone is stealing. My fuel charge for example is higher than consumption. What’s the most one can do with power in a home?

Rafiki said...

Shiko, pole about your bill. It is very interesting to see how they arrive at the fuel cost adjustments. Have a look here
I mean, who really understands this mess?

Anonymous said...

Mine came from 800 to 2200! Almost triple. Like Eleet, am afraid to see the new one.

Mountainous said...

trully weird how the power bills are affecting everyone cos even despite lower consumption the bills are shooting higher because of the fuel adjustments. So it looks like we might resort to cold showers daily.
You can just imagine what effect this is having on manufacturing industries - there goes vision 2030 up in smoke!

Anonymous said...

Wachini maneno maingi, pay your bills before they disconnect the power from your homes. We are kenyans: the silent surfferers

Shiko-Msa said...

Lol Anon. Bills we shall pay but we're not silent sufferers as such. Si we're sharing our experiences here ama?

Greamhouze and Mountainous pole. Mountainous don't strain coz of the bills. Just live your life like you're used to and maybe reduce expenditure on other things. If you look carefully there must be some expenses you can do without. Cut on those. I think that's what I'll do.

Anonymous said...

@Shiko. Right we're sharing our views here,but does it make any difference at all to the common man , many of them are dwealing in darkness just simply coz of this unjustified hike. You see my friend in a country where the citizens are a live and caring for eachother such a hike could result a major public protest, a protest that could shook the government. The government in turn could subsidice the bills. Cutting a small fraction of the statehouses' budget is enough to take care of the subside. Ever heard of government brought down by protesting citizens after the price of bread was increased by few cents ,only few cents not shillings ?. That is what i call a live citizen. May i ask, are we discusing here how we should protest for the sake of the common man, ama domo and dreaming as usual?

Shiko-Msa said...

7.33 You're so right about cutting the statehouse budget by just a small fraction. But if they did not do it even for people dying in hospitals, will they do it for power?

Anon kwani who is the common man? Is it not us? I believe blogger noise is some noise too and that is the part we're playing.

Otherwise if by protesting for the common man you mean hitting the streets, then I don't think that is what we're discussing here. If I may speak for myself I will not hit the streets. In some countries street protests are very successful. Here you get teargassed, young men are arrested and sent to prison and the rest still go back to their high power bills.

But bills will come down at least according to Mwirichia. Let's hope he meant it.

Peter Njenga said...

This power crisis is not a joke.
My bill almost tripled, and it's rising even as I lower my consumption.
People are actually buying kerosene lamps in supermarkets.
I have decided to go green and start generating my own energy. It'll take time, i know, but I shall do it.
See and also

Who agrees with me?

Shiko-Msa said...

Oh I do agree with you. Now if only I knew how to go about it! Let me go through your links.