Monday, July 21, 2008

Idols East Africa - Top Three

After lots of good food, chauffeuring and pampering from World Earth Day Spa, the contestants were feeling and looking like stars.

Nichollete Kiiga:

Nichollete kicked off the show rather flatly with ‘Any Time’ by Kelly Clarkson whom she seems to like so much. Given that it was her own song choice, Nichollete could have chosen something she could handle better. After all she knows her voice well by now. It was evident she was struggling through the song but TK and Angela Angwenyi decided to sugar coat their comments anyway. The only one who told her the truth about the struggling was Scar.

Her second song ‘The Way You Love Me’ by Faith Hill, which was picked by the viewers was not a good performance either. She decided to sit through it all, which would have been ok if she sang well but she did not. Scar reminded her that this was the Top 3 and she needed to get out of her shell. I think it’s too late. She’ll most likely get voted out tonight so if there’s any getting out of the shell, it’ll be later when she’s a performing artist.

Song number 3 for Nichollete was ‘Save The Best for Last’ by Vanessa Williams. She looked angelic in white and this in my opinion was her best performance among her three songs. But she lost the song somewhere along the way. And it was still not top three material.

Trina Chisanga:

Even before Trina started performing Aretha Franklin’s ‘Natural Woman’, I thought that was a clever song choice and I knew she would nail it. It sounded like just the perfect song for her voice which Angela accurately described as raspy and sexy. Maybe that’s why an Aretha Franklin song seemed the perfect song for her to do. I wish I could say the same about the second song chosen for her by the fans though – ‘Put Your Records On’ by Corinne Bailey. Fans actually chose that song? Considering the large fan base, I’d expect something more widely known. The performance was rather flat and the judges struggled to give glowing comments. Angie was into the green shoes. TK shouted something I can’t quite recall. Scar as usual said the truth. It was not as good as the previous performance.

Song number three, picked for Trina by the judges was a powerful song for the right girl at the right stage of the competition. Performing ‘I Believe’ by Fantasia, Trina was pretty much like Fantasia on the night she performed it after winning American Idols – complete with the emotions and tears. Last night I even thought for a fleeting moment that Trina looked a little like Fantasia. The Fantasia of them days not the current one. The power of the song combined with the power of Trina’s vocals and the magnitude of being in the top three all ensured a true winning performance.

Eric Moyo:

Eric Moyo is a crazy one. The good kind of crazy. You’ve got to hand it to him for the sheer boldness and daring, taking on the Michael Jackson’s ‘Black or White’. Who takes on MJ by choice? Eric Moyo. He’s a natural entertainer and a risk taker. Even the flu he’s said to have had for most of the week did not seem to slow him down. He sang ‘Kiss From A Rose’ equally well with not a note out of place. My loyalties are back with him. I don’t even know what I was thinking straying to Nichollete who will most likely leave today. He closed the show with the judges’ pick - Elton John’s ‘Don’t Let the Sun Go down on Me’. Good song choice good performance. So he was the best performer and the best dressed contestant. That’s what spending time in the Jacuzzi with two beautiful women can do to a guy. So says Scar.

I read some allegations somewhere to the effect that during the week of Amarra Brown’s eviction, the producers deliberately blocked her voting lines. If this is true, then that could explain a lot. But why would they want to do that?

PS: So if Eric wins the US$80,000/- how much is that in Zim dollars? He had better start doing the math now. That calculation is huge and could easily take a week to complete.

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Kirima said...

Las night was the easiest to make a choice of who was best and for once I agreed with Kawesa; Eric is the Idol! no Doubt!!!
I think Nicolette was a pale shadow of last week and Trinas second performance was feeble, I don't expect a surprise its Eric and Trina in the Finale and Eric TOPS.
People should just stop with all the Amarra conspiracy theories in my opinion when fans think that a contestant is too good and he/she will win they oftain fail to vote thinking that their choice is obvious to all, well that is complacency, it happened in TPF1 when Linda fans thought it was obvious she would win and shock on them when they were upstaged. Eric fans also need to watch out for complacency as well and vote vote vote!

Shiko-Msa said...

Mountainous I don't know what happened to dear Nichollete this time. I think she has already resigned to the fact that she's leaving.

The Amarra thing I read in Pulse. I too thought it was a conspiracy theory. Why would anyone want to do that?

Anonymous said...

i dont know them, but i like the sound of their names.

Shiko-Msa said...

Neema don't worry. You'll get to watch some other season when you come back home. This one ends next week.

31337 said...

Moyo [the name] reminds me of that crazy clip that made its way around the interwebs a few months ago...

Kirima said...

Surprises never cease on this show, I was wrong on this score but if my final prediction is wrong I will officially retire from trying to guess what Africa wants. Perhaps peeps are rebelling againist the judges wouldn't you think.
I still think Eric will win

Shiko-Msa said...

Yeah Kirima same thing I was thinking yesterday. That Nichollete got sympathy votes because of the way all the judges and indeed everyone made it so clear and obvious that it was Eric and Trina going to the final.

Me too I still think Eric will win though.

Our Kid said...

Shiko, i think for the fun of it I will vote for Nikki this week. Horror!

Shiko-Msa said...

Aii our Kid I'm not voting! Until they tell us whether we're voting for singers or beauty contestants.