Monday, May 5, 2008

Michael Jackson - Is The Thriller Still Thrilling?

Does this guy look familiar? The last time I heard of him someone was saying that his nose was falling off. I still see a nose there so that must have been a nasty rumour.

Michael Jackson has been accused of many bad things, most of which are true. But he has a few genuine problems as well. He may have bleached his face and had one too many surgeries but not all were deliberate. He was diagnosed with Lupus and Vitiligo in the early 80s, both of which make him sensitive to sunlight. The treatment he used for his Vitiligo further lightened his skin colour, making it necessary for him to use make up, which in turn makes him look even more bleached.

As for the surgeries, he did break his nose in 1979 during a dance routine. That was the beginning of his nose and face surgeries. After the first nose operation, he developed breathing problems and had to go back for a second one, and a third, and a fourth. The third and fourth I’m not sure they were as a result of breathing problems though. I think he had gotten hooked to the idea of restructuring himself by then. He has also had work done on his lips, cheekbones and forehead.

He has done lots of other weird things though. Doing bad things to little boys only he can explain.

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Our Kid said...

I wouldn't trust any man who sings a song titled Bad and keeps shouting that he is bad. Come on, how many hints does someone need.

Look at R Kelly. Even him, just sang. Bad Man and boasted that he was a bad man. Gee.

Seriously, MJ is one of those people you just don't know what to think of them. Great musician, but probably, terrible human being. Or animal, if you look closely at that photo.

threetypesofcrazy said...

lol @ our kid."I wouldn't trust any man who keeps shouting that he is bad."

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is Michael Jackson looking like a monkey in this picture?

bOMSEH said...

Is that his real hair?

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

Bomseh I've just been to your hilarious site. You left out a few details but I understand hehehe. Mj's hair - is anything of his real?

10.35 now that you ask, yeah. If you look long enough at this picture he starts to look more and more like a primate! Those eyes.

BP ONE said...

Shiko....The guy looks more of a bush baby than a primate...By the way do you have his pictures before the surgeries. I am sure we shall know from the picture if that is his real hair. I am taught that God’s creation is always beautiful until it is tempered with, now I know it is true.

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

BPONE yeah. That's the word. Bush baby. I'll get pictures before surgery alright. Keep it here.

Anonymous said...

why, why, why?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

by the way shiko, the links...brilliant you know what i am talking about? hehehehehehe!!!

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

Mrembo the links mmmh. Na hiyo ni maendeleo.

Kiki said...

Aaai there's an advert here kwa hii blog ati Marry Meru. ????

Amir said...
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Amir said...

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As you say that the MJ was the petient of vitiligo.
NO so mater if MJ or some one else wants to cure theire disease many artists across
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to the facts about vitiligo our millions of
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