Monday, July 7, 2008

Idols East Africa - The Home Stretch

This time around, with just 5 contestants left, idol performances came in double as each of them had to perform 2 songs from their favorite musician. Evidently the African theme was not going to last long. With contestants performing songs from American Idol winners like Jordin Sparks and Kelly Clarkson, I could not help comparing Bomas of Kenya with the Kodak and Nokia theatres. Just for the fun of it.

Nicollete Kiiga opened the show with a poor performance of Vanessa Amorosi’s ‘Absolutely everybody’. This must be the weakest starting since top 10 began. Her second song, ‘A moment like this’ by Kelly Clarkson was not that good either. In short Nichollete’s performances were both dismal and she’s most likely the next one to go.

Amarra’s ‘Falling’ by Alicia Keys was a complete knockout with not a note out of place. Congratulations to her considering that Alicia Keys songs are not the easiest to do. But on her second performance doing a song by Christina Aguirela, one could catch the unpleasant side of her high notes. There was something like screaming there alright. I don’t know whether that’s what Angela was calling Maria Carey notes some time back. But all in all her singing was spectacular as always.

I’ve almost no doubt now that Eric Moyo will win the competition. Much as he has refused to give up his theatrics, he has perfected the art of blending them into his singing without missing a beat. He did a great job singing ‘Over my shoulder’ by Mike and the Mechanics, but it was in the second performance that he injected raw romance into his song and made Angela blush some more. He sang the beginning of Michael Bolton’s ‘When a man loves a woman’ directly to Angie, then picked a lady from the audience and serenaded her with the rest of the song. All this without disrupting his singing. He got a standing ovation from Angela as expected. His afro is getting bigger and bigger and it is said that young men are now refusing to shave their hair. Way to go Eric.

Trina proved herself once again by being different and daring with a Natasha Bedingfield song. When she started the song I didn’t think she’d pull it off. But this queen of versatility did more than pull it off. She gave a spectacular show. Unfortunately Whitney Houston’s ‘On my own’ did not come out well enough. Trina’s lower register was too deep and hence the transition to high was not that smooth. But that notwithstanding the girl is top 3 material.

Adiona seems to really have morphed for the better musically but this being the top 5 she’s still not doing enough. She chose Christina Aguirela and Jordin Sparks. Personally I thought she ended the show as poorly as Nicollete had started it but the judges heaped praise on her so obviously they thought different. Other than musically she made the guys in the room drool with her provocative outfit, including judges TK and Scar.

Speaking of outfits, Angela has resorted to turbans and she looks beautiful as ever in them. But with the white one she could pass for a member of a certain local religions sect, ie if she didn’t have the make up on.

All said and done Eric was the performer of the night. The way I see it so far, they will leave in this order: Nicolette Kiiga, Adiona Maboreke, Amarra Brown, Trina Chisanga, Winner Eric Moyo – although there'll be competition for second place between Amarra and Trina.


Our Kid said...

Tee hee about Angela's white turban. I think they call that religion Akorino! Its funny I had picked out the same on my blog.

I am still rooting for Trinah... Eric did well though. He deserved the applause.

If the Top 3 comes down to Ammara, Trinah and Eric, it is going to be a classic with a lot of sparks!!!

Speaking of sparks, the name is Jordin not Jordan. Nice read.

Kirima said...

Again an excellent roundup I didn't watch Idols Yestersday. I think from previous knowledge Eric or Trina will win it. sad for Nicollette she looks like such a nice girl.

Shiko-Msa said...

Thanks Mountainous. Don't worry you can catch the same on KTN on Wednesday. Too bad about Nicolette.

HLumiti said...

The Nairobi crowd is still learning the ropes of idolizing. I chuckled a bit when Scar prompted them to "encore!" Eric's performance and they seemed to be wondering why he was calling him "uncle!"

And Shiko, your departure roster has just been ruffled by the fans. Amarra is off and Nicolette stays, Angie must have wept.

SisBigBones said...

Interesting account, I wish I could watch the African version of Idol, I bet it's a lot more interesting than the American one, which is starting to get old.

Shiko-Msa said...

Oh My Amara is gone!! I disown that departure roster Lumiti. At this rate I'd not be surprised to see Eric not getting to the top 3!

Honestly that came as a shock! Surely she sang better than some who have been left there?? Hii voting jamani. Anyway she's done her thing and her future in music is obvious if she wants to pursue.

But I'll miss her!

Shiko-Msa said...

Sisbigbones here the singers are good but the sound and lighting system does not go anywhere near the US version. I cant imagine what Eric or Trina would sound like with a proper sound system.

Our Kid said...

LOL at hlumiti! That "encore" bit had me in stitches too.

Its sad Ammara left. I mean, we (Trinah fans) did our bit, Eric's fans (Shiko did their bit) and we expected that we shall have a Grand Top 3. Am not saying Nicolette isn't Top 3 material but... Come on. OK, Adiona seems to be riding on a wave and if you ask me, the Finale of 2 just got its candidates. Unless as our blogger says, Eric doesn't make it. I tell you if Eric doesn't make it, there will be a series of riots in most African countries!!!

Shiko-Msa said...

Encore.... aha Ok.

Our Kid even HLumiti is an Eric supporter. I know.

Nicholette is not top 3 material and neither is Adiona. And to think of it Amarra's departure makes Eric's chances even better. Way to go Eric!

Anonymous said...

idiols shiiii niceeeeeeeeeeeeee

Shiko-Msa said...

ha ha Crates upo? Long time.

Maua said...

You've made me feel desperate to watch the programme mpaka I had to google it.

Not gone thru it, but, I'll be back with ma comments.

Shiko-Msa said...

Sawa Maua. Hope the Mnet site has good info. Laterz.