Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Entrecard - A Sure Winner For Blog Traffic

If you do not have an Entrecard Widget on your blog then you’re missing out on lots of blogosphere goodies. Most bloggers have been through a scenario where you visit a blog, love the content, wrack your brains for a comment but none is forthcoming. But still you want the blog owner to know that you paid them a visit. Personally I’ve found myself wishing there is some sort of stamp I can use to say “I was here’. In such a case Entrecard gives you a distinct advantage. The concept is pretty much like a business card which you drop on other member’s blogs when you visit. For visiting other blogs and letting then advertise on yours, entrecard rewards you with credits which you can then use to advertise your blog on other blogs. Got the drift?

The beauty of Entrecard is that it’s free and there’s nothing mysterious or technical about it. You can clearly see how it works. So register today. Roam around blogosphere discovering great blogs and dropping your card as you move along. In all likelihood, the bloggers on whom you drop your card will follow it to your blog and drop theirs. That way you create a network of bloggers, give your blog exposure, generating traffic, and have lots of fun while at it. You also get to discover many wonderful and fun blogs which you’d probably never have chanced upon.

I learnt about Entrecard from my blogthren Nairobian Perspective and registered immediately. I have since witnessed a significant increase in my blog traffic and it’s going up gradually. Not in the thousands but I’m getting there one day. Thanks Nairobian. As one member from Asia says, ‘One of my visitor left comment about trying Entrecard and getting about 200 - 300 visits per day. That moment changed my blog visits to 3 figure visits’.

Among all the snazzy HTML additions out there, Entercard is one sure winner. Take time to read their free PDF E-Book to understand the concept better.

Happy blogging.

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Nairobian Perspective said...

entrecard is good though Alexa Rankings are trying to disregard eentrecard traffic!Thanks for the positive mention

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

True Nairobian about Alexa. Seems one has to make a tough choice here.

You're most welcome.

Dark Angel said...

I'm glad to see both of you join the wagon! Welcome!

rags said...

Thanks for the tip.