Friday, May 29, 2009

Despite all the obvious dangers, infidelity is rife. There is word out there that other than being battered, many men, for ages, might be raising children that are fathered elsewhere. Likewise married men are fathering children outside of their marriage. There is a whole industry fueled by infidelity and Private investigators in Kenya are supposedly quietly making a killing.

We have watched Joey Greco on Cheaters and read with disbelief the story of one in several million Mia Washington who has twins fathered by different fathers. Closer home, Ciku Muiruri has busted cheats on radio with those - you have won a trip to Mombasa and who would you like to take with you - stories. Jimmy Gathu has warned about mpango wa kando on television albeit in a way more likely to embarrass parents and kids than drive the otherwise very solid message home.

There are recent disturbing statistics that more cases of new HIV infections worldwide are now being reported among married couples. The claims do not seem very far fetched. Marriage compromises the ability to negotiate for safe sex and rubbishes the A&C of HIV prevention. As such a person with a cheating spouse is just a sitting duck. Please note I’m not talking about every marriage. If you are, or will be happily married and fully settled, good for you. There are those characters who are still wandering around risking their wellbeing plus that of their spouses and kids. So much for telling young girls to abstain till they’re married.

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Anonymous said...

lol...that picture, i love it.

PKW said...

Shiko, I tagged you and bestowed on you Honest Scrap.

pink m said...

How comes they don't ask the boys to wait till marriage? Just asking.

Infidelity? sigh...

Still researching on where the appeal really lies in this

Eunuch said...

Save for some token mamas, ni SHAURI ya WAZEE. Remove them from the equation and see pure fidelity. But again it takes two to tango and often it even involves two married partners.

Now on maters being ATHLETIC AROUND THE WAIST our brothers take gold. No amount of damning adverts will scare their libido.

We a country of PARALELLS, si we eve have parallel degrees. So I guess mistress is parallel wife and cheating is parallel truth. Ole wetu. Thank God for monastery.

Mama said...

Hehehe, Eunuch wewe na hiyo monastery yako!

Shiko, nowadays I see people getting married and sometimes I can't help but pity them.

Informal surveys have indicated in the recent past that there is no man more likely to be 'attacked' by single women than a married man. Married men cheating is so rife in our society you even wonder why on earth people make the commitment if they can't be faithful. These surveys are true judging on how I have seen these men behave. How many (married) men dart you like every other week? (it's like they can't control themselves!) How many women do you know are mipango ya kando for these married men? It is now more the norm rather than the exception.

Now imagine society preaching abstinence till marriage for our virgin daughters only to let them loose in this man-eat-woman society at a later age! Whatever is that for? People who enjoy such things should be allowed to do them as much as they want and whenever they want......after all we have seen many of those ushago wives being all faithful and what not, taking countless drugs coz someone brought the disease home!

In any event how many men in this world are sitting around abstaining till they get married? Why should women abstain?

What a man can do, a woman can do better, Shiko! That is my verdict. Sad...but facts of life.

Cee said...

Aiiiii.........Shiko nimekosa comment, I guess I will comment later....

PKW said...

To be fair, most men, especially here at home, are heterosexual. When they cheat, I bet you one bob they're gonna be cheating with women. My two cent opinion?Hebu let's stop acting like women are the victims all the time. Clearly, it doesn't add up.
I know at least two married mamas who have hanyad like they can't get any at home.

Eunuch said...

How dare you route for DEVILS incarnate? You are right there are isolated mama rovers but compare that with randy men and the drop in the ocean disappears. Ama ni diversity of flavour and size people look for? Thank God for celibacy.

BP 1 said...

In short call it Symptoms of moral decay and signs of bad things coming. What is next, I wonder, wife swapping(swinger lifestyle)?

savvy said...


I don't agree with you. Probably those women cheated in revenge. Am sure if a survey was carried out, the women in marriages who cheat would have revenge as their number one reason.

This makes me scared of marriage.

Anonymous said...

Marriage is now the surest way to get AIDS. you cant abstain you cant use condoms. you can be faithful but are you surea about your partner?

PKW said...

@ Savvy: to each her own.
So let's remove married women from the equation. When the men cheat on women they do it with (other) women.There are at least as many women who are culprits as there are victims out there.No?

Shiko-Msa said...

Neema that pic is the mother of this article. I love it too. It just had to be used.

PKW thanks for the award. I did my honest scrap some weeks ago. The article was here for some days before it found a new home. I'll send you a link.

Miss Pink it must be the pregnancy thing. Seeing that people are more afraid of pregnancy than HIV.

True Eunuch libidos seem to be going higher despite all the dangers. I guess sex stays till the day it brings the world down if at all.

BP the swingers are already here. Rumour has it that they operate from some exclusive houses in Nyali.

Mama/PKW mpango wa kando for married men I know just too many some married but mostly single ones who do it for economic and other purposes. I also know married women who have their own mpango wa kandos. It's said that women are hanyaing a lot but it does not look like that because it's this much more difficult to catch them.

Savvy revenge plus maybe one spouse gets too much outside and leaves the other unsatisfied.

Savvy/Anon it's scary. With a cheating spouse you just have to keep praying that they're using protection. Alternatively for the sake of your life and health just walk.

Cee hapana jali.