Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Man Of The Moment

"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek." ~ Barack Obama – President Elect USA


Anonymous said...


Even as we celebrate Obama’s success story, even as we with fingers closed wait for his inauguration as the 1st half black President of the USA. We need as Kenyans to ask ourselves this fundamental question. What has been our contribution to Obama Success?

His BIOLOGICAL father was a Kenyan, who however abandoned his son and escaped any responsibilities of child support. Infact Obama confesses that he learnt more form his Kenyan ‘father’ absence than from his presence. This is kenya’s EMBARASSMENT NO. 1. So his real father was the parents who took Obama in and saw him through his childhood and teenage years giving him the values that he now holds. That’s the reality Kenyans.

His ‘Cousin’ Raila has all along been a source of discredit to his good reputation. Raila with his VIOLENT NATURE, COMMUNIST ORIENTATIONS, MUSLIM ASSOCIATIONS have all been used against Obama. Infact, Raila in himself has cost Obama some support and Obama campaign team had to work hard to show how distant in thinking and association these two men are. This is Kenya’s EMBARASSMENT 2. It has not gone unnoticed to the Mc Cain campaign team that Raila call for mass protest in Kenya led to over 1500 deaths. This explains why Obama banished Raila from any visits to his campaign or why Obama campaign team has consistently turned down on 4 occassions RAILA’S MONETARY CONTRIBUTIONS totaling 40,000 USD.

Obama’s Aunt who also happen to be Kenyan has been an illegal immigrant in US for a while. This was also ANOTHER EMBARRASSMENT from yet another Kenyan.
Infact, we OWE OBAMA AN APOLOGY AS A COUNTRY. With all these bad publicity from Kenya’s heritage, Obama has been understanding enough not to talk ill of us. For that we should be grateful.

Looking on the other side, Obama’s real family in the US has been a SOURCE OF INSPIRATION AND GOOD PUBLICITY. Yet, they have been quite about it as we in Kenya tell the whole world how Kenyan Obama is.


Shiko-Msa said...

Anon I've seen this exact comment somewhere else. I don't really understand where all this is coming from though. Obama is a big boy and whatever Kenya is to him is up to him to decide.

Meantime the Obama phenomenon is worldwide.

Rafiki said...

Shiko, you are right the Obama phenomenon is worldwide and most people in the world are supporting him. Actually, we could say Obama is the first President of the World.

Shiko-Msa said...

Indeed Rafiki.

Anonymous said...

i think i agree with anon, that's just the truth.

Anonymous said...

oh, and let me add that, the kenyan issue aside. i am excited about his victory coz it challenges me to work hard and believe in my dreams. anything is possible!!!

Mountainous said...

Looks like Anon is just trying to rain on the parade!
The whole point of the Obama phenomenon is not even about Kenya or America it is above that I think it is an inspiring lesson of triumph over several hurdles from an absentee father, divorce, racism, poverty etc. Barack Obama was able to rise above all these diversities without holding a grudge to his Father or his fathers land (so he definately doesn't demand any apology!) In fact I think these trials are the ones that molded his resolve to make a change (and Yes he can!)
All people not just Kenyans and Americans should be proud of the acheivement of Barack Obama it shows that it is not the circumstances that we find ourselves in that makes us who we are but how we are able to cope with them.
We don't owe Obama any Apology instead we owe him our gratitude for showing us the way.
Sorry Shiko for posting here!

Shiko-Msa said...

Indeed Neema. Yes you can!

Kirima you're most welcome to post. Anon's timing is just out of line. Whatever truth or untruth may be in the comment I doubt anybody is bothered right now. The big win is the big news at the moment. Focus on the positives and learn what you can. It's the half glass full glass way of looking at things. There's a lot to learn from the whole Obama situation for the young and old alike but mostly the young.

neferiti said...

This is a great day when an African America is able to become President. Furthermore, this is not about his relatives! So let us not minimize his and our experience.

"Judge me not by the color of my skin, but by the content of my character"

--Martin Luther King Jr.

msema kweli said...

anon whats with all the vitriol? Shiko's post was only a quote

Shiko-Msa said...

Well said Neferiti. This is a great moment for America and the world as a whole. It's a moment way above details of his relatives.

Msema kweli good you called it vitriol coz I think it's just that. Vitriol.

Maua said...

This whole thing has realy challenged me. I've always looked at lack as an excuse not to do things, but Obama has proved that 'where there's a will, there'll always be a way' regardless, and an addition 'we can do all things thru Christ who will always give us strength'.

I'm off to work hard.

One more thing, if Obama's dad was here, would he stand up and say 'that's my son'.

Maua said...

Master Maua, who's never been to Kenya, and who has always refered himself as British woke up 6.00am to watch the news. Why? He saw a great man for America, plus it's the first time he's followed an election and the fact that Kenya has been mentioned many times.

Mcheku said...

The whole world has celebrated Obama's win!!

It would seem Mccain had no supporters other than his white racist Republicans!! I wonder how things would have been had he won....he had no goodwill to start with in the first place. Hehehehehe!!

Go Obama Junior go!!

Shiko-Msa said...

Maua I'm sure Master Maua has learned a few things alongside his mum. Remember that saying on them days success cards that hard work plus determination equals success? It was true after all. I'd have worked hard from today but I'm stuck home for the public holiday. I'll work hard starting tomorrow.

Mcheku wewe unacheka grandpa Lol! I wonder too how things would have turned out if it was the other way round.

yeswecan said...

While it is true that Obama is an American first and foremost, Kenyan blood runs in his veins and there is nothing wrong with us being proud. The man has made history by being the first African American president of the US, something many people never thought possible! Kenyans should celebrate, absolutely! I've seen on the Telkom site there's a forum for Kenyans to speak to Obama, what do you think?

Shiko-Msa said...

2.41 true that. Thanks for the Telkom info. From the comments there it's obvious lots of people are inspired by the Obama presidency. That's a great idea by Telkom. I'll certainly to there and tell him something.