Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Wanna Text You Up

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Smtyms I dnt rily unstnd da msgs pple snt 2 me thru da 4ne so I thot t wld b a gd idea 2 pas da msg dat brevty is, in txt msgs, not da sol of wit. So hia I am str8 up, telng u dat dnt b tripn: write the words in full, please!

Ur msg may b kul but sup wit da abbreviations? Credo? Tym? Wat? Ur in a hurry whn txting pples? Wat is hapng is terrbl! Tis a WOMBAT! Waste of money brains n tym!

Dring my bday, I got sevrl ‘H Bday’ msgs! Imagine dat! I cnt w8 4 X-mas coz t wl b sun hia n u cn bet ur ass dat pple wl txt u to ask: Wea u @? Mry X-mas n hppy nu yr!

Grrrrrr! Tll b gr8 2 ctch up. But dnt do it thru sms. Plz! Plz! Plz! I rlly wnt 2 knw hw ur festiv cson is bt not n dat manner.

Nxt al hia anaa guy telng me hw he saw sm chik readn my blog n burstg out laughg. Wat am I mnt 2 do? Bottle ma blog n sel it in spmkts?

Dat wnt sel 4 ril! Ppl cn say, ‘U r da bomb’ bt wnt buy da blog. All I cn prms is da nxt blog ll b kul.

Or my bddy who txts me n sez: Mt me @ Ambsdr Hotl. Let hm thnk abt tht! Why dint I sho up? How cm? Well, I dint undstnd! So he txts me again: I snt mny msgs en no rply fro u!

So hia is da rules! If you mis me, don snt me dos txts dat say: Gawd! Bn mssng u. Cnt blve u dnt no tht! Spendg lotsa tym frm u is no gd 4 mi. I lyk u so much! U mek mi proud 2 b ya frnd!

I wnt undstd! And u cn bet I wont rply wit a txt dat sez: U r not juz ma pal bt ma pearl! Cant blv u lyk me so mch yet am juz a 1ST class guy wearng 2ND class clad in dis 3RD wld city of Nrb.

No. Dis gotta stop! Or sun, I cn picture my boss snding a txt memo to da staff: WHEN @ WAK, DNT RID A MAG! DNT CHT ONLYN!

Undstd? Aaaaah. Tis getg beta! N thn 1 of us will rply: UGTBK :---)

You’ve got to be kidding? To da boss? Dat wld b crzy! Cm on! L8rs!


Mcheku said...


31337 said...

it does not matter what i write, text and what have you it has to be in properly constructed complete sentences. the grammar may not be something to write home about though.

Anonymous said...

This is true thaere are people who have developed a whole new language for sms. me I find it easier for someone to just write their messages in normal english. it's much easier coz you can use the T9 feature to complete the words for you.

I mean what's the point of shortening all the words if the person you're writing to has trouble reading. As the writer asks, is it time? credit? you're in a hurry?

Kirima said...

I bought a phone with a full QWERTY keyboard so that I don't have to struggle with abbreviations, the only thing you have to put up with me is my often spelling mistakes cos I rarely proof read my messages, it kills the spontenaity

Shiko-Msa said...

Mcheku, Intelligensia, Anon this post shows what SMS language has become of late. Some scholars have even gone ahead to claim that too much of this language plus informal E-mail writing is ruining the learning and proper use of the real English language.

Mountainous spelling mistakes are understandable as long as the word can still be read. But writing in tongues on the other hand sometimes leaves the reader struggling to make out what the message is all about.

Maua said...

I'm too illiterate in this field, (and no I don't want to be corrupted). I have found myself being victimised, I write in full, but often receive unreadable messages.

Shiko-Msa said...

Maua you're not alone. I write my messages in full or at least as full as possible. Someone jokingly accused me of writing sms like I'm doing exam compositions! Lol.

BP ONE said...

Hello somebody, anybody, help!!!!! call a translator, I can’t read my favorite blogg……Shiko it isn’t a wonder to hear people advocating for this kind of language, See this article “Why "SMS Language" Isn't So Bad After All” @
Mind you the author is an experienced language teacher and of 'Language Revolution - French', an innovative course in French.

Anonymous said...

i text a lot but I try to use proper grammar. some of the abbreviated messages don't even make any sense!

Shiko-Msa said...

BP thanks for the link. The article is very interesting but the writer in the end does not convince that the SMS language is good. He however makes a lot of sense when he says that:

The writer George Bernard Shaw wanted the English alphabet to be revised so that each sound had its own character. He famously argued that 'ghoti' could be pronounced 'fish' in current English, the 'gh' as in 'enough', the 'o' like 'women' and the 'ti' as in 'station'. Not surprisingly, however, his proposed 'Shavian' alphabet of some forty or more letters was never taken seriously.

Shiko-Msa said...

3nspeaks I've just tried to write a message in abbreviations. It took me so long I gave up! I can complete a message much faster in proper English. But then again maybe it's coz I'm used to it that way.

I cant imagine how long it took Our Kid to do a whole post!

Our Kid said...

Seen the link by bp one. I think SMS language is a no no despite people insisting that you still communicate and that it thus achieves the aim. What next? Spelling mistakes being fine 'baceuse yuo tsill egt teh mesasge'?

But I still get amused when I see some youngsters applying for jobs in my Workland and listing on their CVs one of their hobbies being SMSing!

Sigh. What can you do?

BP ONE said...

Shiko…. the author says“……Also, the idea of dropping vowels is not new. There are some languages that have an alphabet of only consonants; the reader knows how to pronounce the word from his oral learning of that word. Let's face it, the way I say certain vowels is very different to the way, for example, a New Zealander would say them, so why not drop them altogether? If we were serious about preserving the written tradition of our language, rather than complaining about the pitiful state of teenagers' writing we should seriously consider revising the ridiculous way we spell our words so that spelling more accurately reflects pronunciation.”
I think, here, the writer is campaigning for the removal of the vowels. Isn’t that the major difference between SMS language and the normal one?
In some languages like Arabic where vowels are dropped when writing (vowels are pronounced but not written) you will observe that there is no much difference between Arabic SMS language and the normal one.

Shiko-Msa said...

Our Kid someone listed SMSing as a hobby kwa CV??! And that person would be applying for a job as a...... text messenger? Lol.

Your misspelled sentence reminds me of an Email that did the rounds some time back where the author said that no matter how the words in between are written, if the first and last letters are correct then you can still get the word. I cant get it right now otherwise I'd have wanted to include it here.

BP the English language indeed does have a lot of unnecessary vowels and letter combinations but changing that would be quite a log shot. There might be a major clash between the old and the new languages? And the difference between SMS language and normal English is not just the vowels. It's corruption really. For example how does 'the' become 'da'?

Half n Half said...

The one that makes me want to choke someone is
"Did you get da text?" what is da? I hate it.
Its not even cheaper to write this way! arrrggggh it annoys me

Shiko-Msa said...

ha ha ha Nusumbili I can just feel da anger in your comment. It's understandable. da is particularly annoying. Cant help laughing at you though Lol.

da guy who can do da job is..........

Anonymous said...

half n half thats really funny.

in a similar category to the email that advises

.. let me know if you don't get this email so that ....


Shiko-Msa said...

Anon E-mail too has it's own whole set of sins that make you wonder... what was this person thinking?

BP ONE said...

Ok.. shiko I get your point but let us face the reality, whether we like it or not the English language will constantly evolve . I am told The “thee's and thou's” of Shakespeare and the King James Bible are the equivalent of today's “you”. Who knows some Years to come the word “da” might replace the word “the”.
Dr Robert Millar, senior lecturer in linguistics at Aberdeen University, said: "Texting and instant messaging are not the first forms of communication to be accused of destroying language and grammar. It happened at the time of the telegraph and telegram when many criticised the use of telegram language. Abbreviations like gr8 have been used in language for centuries – there are examples even from the time of Egyptian hieroglyphics." A new study has shown that far from being a scourge of grammar and correct spelling, users of instant messaging and texting are actually much more likely to use the Queen's English than the abbreviations that annoy purists. See details

Shiko-Msa said...

BP anything but da'. and dat for that - no no no way Lol.

Maybe then the best way is for people to learn both languages and know when to use which one.

Our Kid said...

Granted some of the short forms of words in texts are used for fun purposes and not necessarily as a means of grammatical exactitude. It is the modern 'poetic license' if I can call it that.

Some of it is due to time constraints. In chat talk, some shorten 'thank you' to 'ty'or even recently my colleague has this annoying 'k' for 'ok' which is already short for 'okay'!

Language evolves but why use a future language when we are in the present?

I have also seen the 'ze' used in that sentence 'Did you get ze text'. And from someone who isn't French. LOL! Oops!

Shiko-Msa said...

Our kid kumbe it gets worse. now which is worse da or ze? 'k' 'ok' 'okay?

Now I stand accused. I use such words as coz, ok, lol, anon..... hey even just SMS is full for something. Short Message Service?

BP ONE said...

Shiko I agree “Maybe then the best way is for people to learn both languages and know when to use which one.” I hope this online SMS Language Text Dictionary will be useful to you…see link

hilarious text messages said...

nice tips lol