Monday, July 14, 2008

Idols East Africa - Eric Moyo, Adiona Maboreke, Trina Chisanga and Nicholette Kiiga

This time my girl is Nichollete. Although Amarra’s departure was a shock, it’s just as well Nichollete stayed after all. This week song choice was up to the producers and her first performance was ‘Do you know where you’re going to’ by Diana Ross. It turned out to be the best song choice for her. The thing is, at just the right pitch Nichollete’s voice sounds almost angelic and very well controlled. It is when she hits the lower notes that things don’t seem to work well for her. If she chooses her next songs carefully and with this in mind, that pleasant aspect of her voice along with her sweet personality might give us all a shock. Including Eric and Trina both of whom seem to believe they’re home dry already. I agree completely with Kawesa this time. Nichollete’s performance was like a soft massage to the soul.

If it matters at all, her wardrobe was also quite a smash. She looked the angelic part in that white top while she was doing her first song and then she wowed us all with a shimmering metallic silver dress reminiscent of Leona Lewis in ‘Bleeding love’. Now compare that to Trina’s military trousers and dungarees. I respect Trina’s taste but girl! Military pants? Anyway’ it’s not a fashion show so let’s get down to her music. I honestly think Trina gets overrated sometimes. Sure she can sing but so can all the other finalists. This week especially was tough for everyone and Trina was no exception. She seemed to struggle with Mary Mary and Christina Aguirela’s songs. Idols East Africa is known for shocks and aftershocks and she better watch out. Just ask Amarra. And she has written off Nichollete and Adiona already. Asked whom she thought were the best Idols, she counted herself, Eric and Amarra. That interview was of course before the Amarra eviction shocker.

My guy Eric whose Afro hairstyle is getting bigger and morphing into dreads performed ‘All Night Long’ by Lionel Richie. In my opinion that was the perfect song choice for him and he did not disappoint. Second choice ‘End of the road’ by Boys to Men was just the right song for him to ooze his characteristic romance on stage. He delivered alright but I must say his theatrics were a bit annoying this time. Surely the audience will forgive him if he does not involve them just once? He’s still in the contestant stage and not yet a performing artist. He sure has the strongest of voices although the backup provided at bomas was not doing him any favours. It was masking his singing rather than complementing it. So much for third world sound systems.

Adiona seems to be always floating along somewhere but I don’t know how long her luck can run. She may have taken over the role of Houdini from Cynthia Kuto. She dared a Celine Dion song for the first performance and gave it a not too bad try. And producers, how could you choose Rihanna’s Umbrella for someone? If she leaves this week you take part of the blame for selling her out surely! Even the judges had a rough time praising her after Umbrella. Everybody two finger in the air??! That was a complete no no. But she looked hot in both her outfits.

I’m hoping one of these days before the show ends someone will sing Listen by Beyonce.

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Our Kid said...

Shiko... Mwahahahaha

You seem to dislike everything I like. I agree with you on Trinah's wardrobe. I previously said her outfit in Top 5 was suited for Prison Break series. The this Tom Boy outfits in Top 4. I like the girl though and hope she is in the Finale.

I still do not feel Nicolette. She was okay, but nothing for me to get carried away about. She has not been consistent!

I hated 'Umbrella' and the Producers should really look themselves in the mirror and wipe away their tears of shame!! I liked the Two Fingers In The Air, just like Scar did! But as I say, we are on different pages girl. Have a good week!

Shiko-Msa said...

Our kid naja huko kwako I see what more we shall agree on Lol. Ama we shall agree to disagree?

Kirima said...

Clearly everyone agrees setting up anyone with Umbrella would end up in major problems its not a song that can bring out your vocal assets unless you can come up with different ways of saying 'Ella! Ella.........'
I was moved by nicollettes performance that had more than one gentleman in the judges bench blushing, she would make an excellent blues singer I expect. I believe Eric was thrown a difficult one with Lionel Richie I personally think it is very very hard for a guy to pull off a Lionel Richie song just like a gal trying Alicia Keys so he tried but it didn't wow me. I think Adiona should be out this weekend and if Trina doesn't mount a stiff challenge from Nicollette next week she might just miss the finale cos face the facts Nicolette is way much hotter (looking) unfortunately I don't vote for reality shows.

Shiko-Msa said...

Lol Kirima today I've caught myself severally humming ella ella ella in my head. That's rather annoying!

If there're no shocks this time then Adiona is on her way out. I had a neat little order of how they'll leave but it was upset badly when Amarra left, so I'm not speculating any more. But I'm loving Nichollete!

Trina better watch out.

Our Kid said...

So Adiona left. I am still mad at the producers. That was one very unfair choice for her and she was made to go out on a low rather than on a high. At least they should have tried to make it competitive. Maybe Trinah would have left (and I would still be furious, eh?)

Its as if they didn't want two Zimbos in the Top 3!!! Yuck.

The point is they made it so predictable. Two fingers in the air at the producers.

Shiko-Msa said...

Yeah Our Kid. That was as predictable as they come.

Seems regional balancing is not only in politics.

Kirima said...

Eviction was not a surprise Adiona is such a sweet doll but she never was going to be the Idol. The next battle is gonna be Nicollette and Trina I think Eric is home and dry for the finale baring a total breakdown.
I don't believe there is a conspiracy if you believe in some one just vote, vote, vote and vote again

Shiko-Msa said...

True mountainous. Lets wait and see. Let's hope there are no more shocks.