Friday, June 6, 2008

Hats Off For Lorna Irungu

It’s hats off for one Lorna Irungu who must be the bravest girl on Kenyan soil. In a story she gave to the new look Drum East Africa, Lorna says that she believes in the possibility of only good things happening to her.

These are very brave words coming from a young woman who has had to grapple life threatening ailments for over ten years. Just this year in January she was admitted in hospital suffering from tuberculosis of the spine. I watched her on TV some time back explaining what she has to go through in terms of treatment. This left two of her vertebrae badly damaged. She spent much of January in a medically induced coma. Treatment of the TB left her kidneys and liver badly damaged and she now has to undergo dialysis treatment twice a week. To this end she has a permanent catheter on the upper right side of her chest onto which the dialysis machines are hooked when she goes for her sessions. And yet despite all this, Lorna has bounced back much to the surprise of some of the doctors who were treating her.

When we speak of her kidneys note that she has had two kidney transplants already, one in 1998 and another in 2001. Much earlier she was diagnosed with Lupus, which according to Wikipedia is a chronic autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks the body’s cells and tissue resulting in inflammation and tissue damage. It can affect any part of the body but most often harms the heart, joints, skin, lungs, blood vessels, liver, kidneys and nervous system. It seems in Lorna’s case it affected her kidneys.

Health issues aside, last year Lorna suffered another blow when her father died of HIV complications as she discloses here. Just how much can one girl take? And yet Lorna seems to be always charming and full of cheer. Quite a strong girl this one.

Before I read Lorna Irungu’s story I think I had started getting a little bit too comfortable. I had spent the afternoon in the office whining about silly stuff. The afternoon is dragging too long, the tea is not sweet enough, emails are not going through, some files are missing, oh it’s too hot………. and on and on. Then I bought the magazine on my way home and I thought you know what? We need to be grateful for everything we have.

Despite all this the cheerful girl still does not know how to be sad. Lorna’s words in verbatim, “you can decide to be a crier or a fighter, a person who rejoices. I do not know how to be sad.” Thank you Lorna for being so inspiring.

Parts of this story, ok most of this story is adopted from the new look Drum.

On a lighter note Lorna Irungu I think has a striking resemblance to equally beautiful celebrity Star Jones.


Anonymous said...

she's is a true sista, its very encouraging. it these things that make you thank God for the little blessings in life.
and yes, she looks like Jones.

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

Hey Neema that was very fast gal! As in really really fast. I've posted like 1 minute ago hehehehe. Thanks firstie.

Lorna is a blessing to so many people's lives she has no idea. We wish her all the very best.

BP ONE said...

When it comes to endurance, the lady is great. I remember reading ,some years back , an article about her “Suffering without bitterness” in one of the local Magazines. See link
I am sure many parents , like me,will thank her for making our children happy while watching her host KTN's children's program 'Club Kiboko'.On behalf of my children i wish her the best.

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

BPONE thanks for the link. You're right Lorna did a great job on Club Kiboko. This girl has surely been through a lot. With her kind of strength I'm sure she'll pull through this one.

Acolyte said...

She does actually look a bit like Star in that pic. Thing is that Star isnt that hot though. Well I wish her all the best, Im sure her fam must have quite a bit of medical debt from all her treatments because she has been getting treatment for quite some time.

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

True Acolyte her family must have spent quite a tidy amount of cash by now and are still spending.

Star has also been through a few problems of her own though those were to do with weight. Nothing compared to what this girl has been through.

Mcheku said...

Lorna looks different in this picture, it must be a very recent one. She has cut a lot of weight understandably, aki that disease is so bad! I like her all chubby and beautiful.

Yes Shiko, we need to be grateful that at least we are healthy. Hata me I am a whiner, many times and I need to stop it. Honestly this girl has gone through so much! Life is very unfair.

My Star link is not working Miss Editor, let me google her.

Ron Hudson said...

Thank you for visiting my site today. I wanted to learn more about you and just read the story on your blog about Lorna. You must have been an angel sent to me to shine the light of Lorna into my soul. I am also experiencing some health problems right now and the outcome is still dependent on a definitive diagnosis, but it had me quite down. Now I don't feel as anxious.

Taabu said...

Remember Janet Jackson's song of yore: YOU WON'T KNOW THE VALUE OF WHAT YOU HAVE TILL YOU LOSE IT? Well Lorna is an inspiration of all of whinners. Thank God she has the courage to share hers with us. For every Lorna many anonymous Kenyans and people are going through SIMILAR or worse hell. That is the paradox and beauty of this planet and life.

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

Ron Hudson thanks for your visit and welcome to Wanjikuville. I'm really sorry about your health problems. I'm glad to have delivered the light of Lorna in your life especially at this time when you probably need it most. I wish you all the best. God works in mysterious ways even in blogosphere. There's an old story about Lorna on your site which I got after googling her name for this article. Now see how via that story she has somehow come into your life and helped soothe your anxieties. Be strong Ron. Whatever it is about your health you'll pull through.

Mcheku this is a most recent photo of Lorna. I scanned it from this month's drum magazine from which I got the story. She has lost about 9Kgs (From size 12 to Size 8) and she says she currently avoids full length mirrors because when she looks at herself in the mirror, what she sees does not look like the mental image she has of herself.

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

Taabu welcome back after a long absence. Nice words from Janet although I cant remember that or any other of her songs Lol. True many people all over the world are going through worse and thats what makes Lorna more of a hero for standing up and being an inspiration.

Nairobian Perspective said...

She is quite a diva surmounting odds through strength of spirit, nice post Wanjiku-her photo is quite catchy!

Maua said...

And with that, ladies and gentlemen, let me go count my blessings.

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

Yeah Maua. She makes you wanna count your blessings.

Nairobian Perspective thanks. See strength of spirit can overcome physical ailments!

Anonymous said...

aaaaaaaiiiii shiii lazima you answer everybody whoo comments on ya blog thats niceeeeee....n/way we should always appreciate life expecially the present coz we dont know kesho itakuwa aje. i love her courage and i wish her well and also nice for u to share her story keep it up shiii sawa

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

Crates why do you even bother to comment as anonymous??!! You're so obvious with your trademark niceeeeeee. and Shiii. hehehehehe. Let me laugh at you kidogo.

Anyway appreciate life and count your blessings.

Mcheku said...

Hata mi wacha nichekelee Crates Shii and niceeee is a trademark! We know you.

fessto said...

but what about her busted fotos????
it just brings more qstn mks!!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know about a 'Friends of Lorna' support group? Pls post the info. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

How did Lorna handle the nude pictures circulated on the internet.
How did she fight knowing that it was just a resemblance.
Poor girl, she must be hurt.
Why lie? She has a strong heart and mind!

Shiko-Msa said...

Feesto the busted photos were a resemblance.

Anon I dont know anything about Friends of Lorna support group. Is there any?

Anon she's a strong girl thats for sure.