Friday, March 21, 2008

I stand accused

Just when I thought I had my faith all figured, the Vatican has come up with a brand new list of unholy transgressions. Modern times bring with them modern sins and some revision is in order.

  1. Thou shalt not be extremely rich
  2. Thou shalt not be a drug peddler
  3. Thou shalt not engage in abortion
  4. Thou shalt not be a paedophile
  5. Thou shalt beware of genetic manipulation
  6. Thou shalt not engage in social injustices
  7. Thou shalt not pollute the earth

Sins 1-5 are way out of my league – at least for now. Who knows I may be extremely rich one day. But I may have some trouble with sin No: 7 which Wangari Maathai has already endorsed by asking everybody to repent by planting a tree. If truth be told, chances of my planting a tree at the moment are next to nil. Ok, nil. But my bigger concern is that strictly speaking, even buying my favourite detergent (in a plastic wrap) and carrying it home (in a plastic bag) could earn me a one way ticket to the district of flames. That is before I use the detergent and pour poisonous chemical residue back to mother earth. And by the way, considering that noise too is pollution, I don’t know what to make of those churches that pitch camp in the middle of residential areas, hook on their public address systems, and go ahead to give people noisy Sundays and sleepless nights. There must be a law against that?

Anyway, I’ve done a cold inspection of my sin-ometer so far and to be honest, I still often indulge in some of the original transgressions. For one I don’t always keep the Sabbath. I’m also guilty of stealing employer time to browse and lying that I’m doing research on the net. I often use the Lord’s name in vain to express shock even when I’m not shocked. ‘Oh my God!’ Ngai fafa! You most likely are guilty of that one too. And as much as I do not covet my neighbour’s sheep and donkeys, once in a while I look longingly at their property. I’m not clear when things shift from innocent admiration to sinful coveting though.

I may be guilty of social injustices (Sin 6) but at least not to the extent of the likes of Kivuitu and some goons in parliament who recently plunged the country into chaos. But then again there’s no small and big sin.

Have a sinless day.


Taabu said...

Nice inaugural pieace Ciku. Welcome to blogsphere. Your concerns and fears are damn MUTE. Take heart because at least you have the presence of mind to watch your sino-meter. Look around you and what you will see is that the average Kenyan's sinometer has been turned into a FUN.

Otherwise take browsing during job as alternative time utilization. You are not stealing anything but only having an alternative ownership. Just like retreating is advancing in the opposite direction and having a infidelity is PARALLEL love/union. Happy Easter.

Anonymous said...

thank goodness the testing is over!!

the laughter spurred you into action eh, eh?

and what a nice first one have come up gonna be checking my sin-o-meter from now on....especially now that you have enlightened me that ignoring work and pigaring domo all day is a sin!! dont listen to taabu-'alternative time utilization'...huh!!

congratulations my sister, enjoy the blogosphere!!

Sayra said...

Nice one Shiko, u made me laugh.

You are better my dear ... at least you have a sin-ometer and are conscious of your sins, some of us are not even aware that we are sinning and others the sin-ometer (like that one of clinton and his lies) is a fun like Taabu says.

Keep it up and running

Confused Steve said...

Shiko!! What a pleasant surprise to see your very own blog. And what an original concept that sin-o-meter. The very term has made me more aware of my own transgressions against mother earth (and more??)

Unlike mrembo, (who, btw, has totally ignored me in the past :)), I like Taabu's analogy of alternative utilization. Frankly tho, if the boss wants a productive employee, by the same token (s)he has to expect a resourceful one, ama?

Sayra, mambo? (as Shiko says?)

Anonymous said...

confused steve.....when have i ignored you? unaniwekelea!!

BP ONE said...
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BP ONE said...
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Shiko-Msa said...

haha maiden post. good old days.